Dave Grohl Talks About When He Got Real Stoned At Paul McCartney's Party & Was Saved By Taylor Swift

One of the best parts of being a celebrity must be that you get to hang out with legends like Paul McCartney. Dave Grohl recently recounted just such a story during the Citi/Live Nation party at Cannes Lions before performing his song "Best of You." And it's hilarious.

It starts with him being at a party, he was very stoned, and Paul McCartney was playing some songs on the piano and being altogether pretty amazing, which Grohl was enjoying, as you would.

But then enjoyment turned to stoned panic when McCartney and everyone in the room turned to Grohl expecting him to step up and regale the place with some equally impressive music playing.

But unfortunately for Grohl not only could he not play the piano but all McCartney's instruments were left handed. Plus he was really, really high so he "was already challenged." he says.

Then all of a sudden, as if from frikking nowhere, Taylor Swift jumps up saying she'll play a song, effectively saving Grohl from embarrassing himself.

Grohl notes Swift appeared “like fuckin’ Batman” which if he was real high, an intervention like that would seem like the actions of a hero.

She then began brilliantly playing a song and singing along with it, and he notes how he kind of recognized it. Then he realized she was playing "Best of You."

"As if I wasn't high enough." says Grohl. "That fuckin' blew me into outer space, man."

So he did the decent thing and sat next to her and did a duet. Sounds like a great night.


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