Deep Fried Chicken Head Accidentally Served To Customer At French Fast Food Restaurant

The last thing you expect to be served when you're out dining on some chicken wings is the actual head of the chicken as a little bonus addition to your meal. You just know that something like that will put you off fast food and fried chicken for life. The horror.

Unfortunately this is what happened to a customer Mounir Bessaïh who was eating at the Quick chain of fast food restaurant in France, he almost bit into the head thinking the beak was a bone.

Bessaïh fortunately took a video of his gross discovery (above) which he then posted to the social sharing website LiveLeak, it clearly shows a deep fried chicken head, beak and everything.

"Disgusting!" is pretty much the general consensus about the not-so-delicious extra that was unwittingly given to this person, who probably won't be wanting to eat deep fried chicken for awhile.

It's suspected the head was deep fried and served up by accident, having mistakenly somehow made it's way into the wings. It probably got mixed up somewhere along the supply chain, most likely back in the factory where the dead chickens are plucked, cut up and divided into portions.

Quick restaurant quickly responded on their Facebook page saying, "The team of the quick of Saint-Jean De Vedas and the supplier of chicken wings are sincerely sorry about the mishap known by a customer of the restaurant on 18 April and shock that has produced the discovery of a head of fried chicken in a Bag of chicken wings."

Some people have commented that at least you can't complain it's not real chicken they're serving up at Quick.

Which is true, but still, it's not something you really want to find in your chicken wing meal.


Yep, that's definitely a deep fried chicken head.


Put enough BBQ sause on it and you would never know what bit of the chicken you were eating.

Images via The Sun

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