Feel-Good Moment Of The Day: Abandoned Dog Rescued After Living Under Dumpster For 11 Months

It's a wonder why some people even have dogs as pets. Take the story of Cowboy, a Blue Heeler who was abandoned by his owner in Compton, CA. For 11 months he lived under a dumpster surviving through the kindness of a strange who wouldn't see a homeless dog starve.

Then, the helpful stranger phoned Hope For Paws, the animal rescue center, who sent Eldad Hagar out to rescue Cowboy. But Cowboy had been so ill-treated he hid from anyone who came near.

I know, I know it's heartbreaking. But the story does have a happy ending. After he was rescued Cowboy was found a new home where he is loved dearly and now everything is right with the world. The end.


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