Donnie Darko Gets An 8 Bit Makeover—And It's Amazing

It's a classic cult movie about time-travel, alternate universes, adolescence, scary bunny costumes, Tears For Fears and, of course, the phonetic beauty of the words "cellar door."

Donnie Darko is the kind of film that mind bombs you on first viewing, impossible to decipher it somehow has a grip over you that compels you to want to rewatch it—and rewatch it. And rewatch it.

And now CineFix pay homage to it in a classic retro 21st century way, by turning the movie into an 8-bit (and kind of 16-bit too) non-playable video game.

It even comes complete with a chiptune'd version of "Mad World" which finishes the vid off in the most perfect way imaginable.

CineFix have created a whole series of 8-bit Hollywood movies, check out another cult classic in 8-bit form, Pulp Fiction, below.

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