Real-World GTA Starring Trevor Philips Is Seriously Impressive And Absolutely Terrifying

There have been no shortage of live-action adaptations of the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise, but not many of them actually star the actor, Steve Ogg, who voices the Grand Theft Auto V character Trevor Philips.

In the video GTA VR by VFX masters Corridor Digital a guy puts on a virtual reality headset and is then transported into a very realistic GTA world. A world where Philips shows up, acting totally insane, and becomes a tutor to our protagonist, guiding him through the full-on chaos of a live-action GTA.

Upon stepping out onto the streets there's a guy getting beaten bloody with a baseball bat, and before long Philips and the player have stolen a car and the madness of the game is in full swing. And, well, seeing it writ in live-action like this, it's terrifying.

It's fine when it's a video game world where you can clearly distinguish that the anarchy taking place is just pixels, but it's a different ball game when it looks this real.

As well as recreating the game the video also has some fun with some of the popular mods that are available. Like people showing up dressed in a fully working Iron Man suit.

By the end of it, you'll be glad that the real world is nothing like this craziness. Whether you would play an ultra-real version like this as a VR game, well, that's another matter.

Check out the making of below to see how Corridor Digital brought the game to life.

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