Meet Little Dorrit The Cute Orphaned Lamb Who Thinks She’s A Dog—It's Totally Adorable

Sheep dogs are a type of dog that are good at herding sheep. They've been bred for hundreds of years to carry out this task to the point that their sheep herding skilly are passed down genetically.

We've all heard of such animals. But how about a baby sheep that thinks it's a dog?

Dorrit is a lamb who lives on a farm in County Kilkenny, Ireland—but the thing is, she doesn't actually realize she's actually a lamb yet. No one has informed her of this oversight and Dorrit doesn't seen to care.

Instead she likes to hang out with the farm dogs, her BFF is a dog called Bear, and even eats out of the same bowls as them. She even responds like a dog too, and if the canines are off on a farm yard mission, she gallops along with the pack. And stops to drink water when they do.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then, well, this is one sincere lamb.

Because of her sheer adorableness at such confusion, she's become popular on Vine where "blanket designing shepherd" Zwartbles Ireland posts videos and updates of Dorrit's activities.

You can take a look at some of her cute dog-like actions below.

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