"Will You Marry Me?" This Man's Romantic Dream Marriage Proposal Ends With The Woman Fainting

Asking the love of you life to marry you can be a tense time, from picking the right time, right location (and the right person) and hoping beyond all hope that nothing goes wrong.

For Cameron everything was going well, he had planned a surprise marriage proposal to his girlfriend Brittany.

He blindfolded her at their home and took her to a local park, then, just like many brave men have done before him, he gets down on one knee and proposes—and down she goes too.

It's such a great comedic fall, so instantaneous she just flops to the ground—just BAM and down she goes, overwhelmed by it all. Here's how she describes it:

My wonderful fiance, Cameron, had a blindfold on me from the time we left our house until we got to a state park a few minutes away. I had no idea what was going because it was a surprise, but it was actually our one year anniversary of dating. He then proposed to me and I passed out... Why? I have no idea, but I felt like an idiot! Haha!

Yep, haha. And it's also in GIF form too (below), so you can enjoy that fall again and again. And again.


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