Fails Of 2015—Take A Look At What The Year Has To Offer (So Far) In This Entertaining Compilation

Although the year is just over half way through, it's already been a bumper one in terms of people falling over in amusing ways. But then, every year seems to be a bumper one—which just goes to show what a bunch of clumsy fools we all are.

What is it that gives us such a great satisfaction at witnessing other people's pain as they boldly attempt to do things that, if you were there, you could tell them with certainty that they don't have a hope in hell's chance of pulling off.

But don't go breaking a sweat thinking about that one, instead contemplate something much simpler and far more understandable for your braincell, if it makes you laugh then it must be good for you.

So sit back, get comfy, open one of your favorite beers, or pour yourself a glass or shot of your favorite poison.

Heck, why not go all out and spark yourself up a joint, it doesn't matter that it's the middle of the day. Live a little, goddammit. You deserve it.

And then enjoy the 20 minutes of daftness and schadenfreude that this compilation video offers up. But just remember to watch your step, because karma is a bitch.


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