'Everything is a Remix'— A Fascinating Documentary By Kirby Ferguson About Creativity & Copyright

Five years ago filmmaker Kirby Ferguson released the first part of what would be a four part documentary called Everything is a Remix—about how repetition, copying, and borrowing have informed the work of the entertainment industry. From music to film to TV and novels, repurposing something old to create something new is part of creative expression.

Looking at copyright laws Ferguson's series looks at how remix culture isn't just something that happened with the internet—even though digital technologies have made it a lot easier now.

Stories, characters, visuals, bass lines, and plenty more has been recurring, transforming, and reappearing throughout the ages.

For Ferguson, everything is a remix. It's been an integral part of entertainment and popular culture for years.

For the five year anniversary Fegurson has remastered the documentary, putting all four parts together into one video for the first time, he says of the event, "I've polished up the original four parts and merged them into a single video. For the first time now, the whole series is available as a single video with proper transitions all the way through, unified styling, and remixed and remastered audio."

And, as ever, it's an informative and eye-opening tour of remixing, culture, and creativity.


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