'Remember 1998' - It's Time To Board The Nostalgia Train On A Journey Back To The Late 90s

If you can remember the 1990s, you weren't there. Said nobody. These days the way we fetishize the past it's impossible to forget what it was like way back when.

In Remember 1998 Simon Peterson jumps in his metaphorical time machine and journey's back to 1998 to collate the pop culture moments that defined those 365 days, in the latest instalment of his 'Remember' series.

It's a big old nostalgia orgy for a time when things were simpler and the internet was nothing but fields. And you could buy a bottle of Peach Tea Snapple for three cents and still have change left over to feed your tamagotchi for a week. Oh the memories! But don't trouble yourself straining your brain trying to actually remember 1998, that's why we have the internet.

So rally round and come peer at your computer screen while emitting little coos of remembrance. And then feel old. So terribly, terribly old.

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