Ex-Sorority Girl Speaks Out About The Bitchy And Unsavory Side Of Greek Life At Syracuse University

Syracuse University student Alex Purdy quit her sorority during her final semester, and in this video she explains the reasoning behind that drastic decision. It turns out that Greek life wasn't as fulfilling as she thought.

While on the outside it may look like it's all about the sisterhood and looking out for one another, Purdy found that the reality was more akin to the type of bitchiness we're accustomed to from sororities in Hollywood movies.

In the video, which she says wasn't made out of spite but rather to inspire change, she talks about what she was looking for by joining a sorority: the friendship, the shared life experiences, and the sense of belonging—and shares her disappointment when she was met with something entirely different.

There was no solidarity or compassion.

What she found really galling was the way the girls treated each other, the lack of respect. "I was so upset to see the way that women were treating other women. To see women in leadership roles telling us that we should care more about what other people think and what we look like." She also notes how she saw girls having weight loss supplements like Hydroxycut pushed on them and were told to dress “sluttier” to attract guys.

It makes for depressing viewing. Perhaps Purdy was naive to think the sorority wouldn't be like that, but she's hoping that by speaking out and allowing others to under the hashtag #SororityRevamp, she can affect change for the better.

"This video is a reflection of my experience in a sorority." Purdy says. "I decided to leave last semester and make this video to share my thoughts on how greek life can change for the better. I want to make it clear that all matters are purely my opinion. If you relate to some of the things I said, please share this video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #sororityrevamp to help inspire others to bring sororities back to their roots."


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