People Are Sharing What Happened To The 'Most Likely to Succeed' Student From High School

Every high school had them, the cool kids, the ones dubbed "most likely to succeed"—but what people are like in high school doesn't necessarily translate over into the adult world. Sure some kids that were called the most likely to succeed and made it onto the yearbook awards page go on to, well, succeed.

But others, well, and this is much more likely the case, they go on to fail and fail big. If you're curious as to what those types of kids got up to, heck maybe you're one of them, then a thread from Reddit will interest you.

It's a year old now, but who cares? Because finding out what the popular and would-be successful kids are up to now never gets old. It's a marker for how well you've done in life, for good or ill. And now with Facebook and social media, we're much more likely to be in touch with old high school class mates so we can snoop at what their lives are like. We all know that during our time at school this was a huge social thing, it was a big deal, a very big deal. Heck they've even made a film about it called (funnily enough) 'Most Likely To Succeed'

The Reddit thread asked: What is the "most likely to succeed" student from your class doing now? What is the actual most successful person from your class doing?

And they range from being hugely successful, like playing for the NBA, to the not so successful.

Take a look at some below and then feel either better of worse about your own life choices.

Most Likely To Succeed - Where Are they Now?

Most Likely to Succeed - 02.
Most Likely to Succeed - 03.
Most Likely to Succeed - 04.
Most Likely to Succeed - 05.
Most Likely to Succeed - 06.
Most Likely to Succeed - 08.
Most Likely to Succeed - 09.
Most Likely to Succeed - 10.

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