University of Miami Sorority Recruitment Video Is Ridiculously Lavish And Full Of Bikini-Clad Partying

The University of Miami's Delta Gamma sorority has upped the game when it comes to production budgets for recruitment videos. Shot like a high-end YouTube video for some action sports/lifestyle channel, or a pop star music video, it comes across like an opening montage for a TV series about the rich kids of Instagram.

Because when the sisters of Delta Gamma aren't leaping off a pier into the sea, they're riding along in a convertible or waterskiing, or throwing their arms up in the air while cruising along in a yacht. Or perhaps they're enjoying a rooftop pool party.

There's also highly choreographed drone-shot images of the sisters posing on the beach in the shape of an anchor. Or posing in bikinis with a pineapple.


University life is just one long celebration of being awesome, the video says. Come join us! (but only if you look great in a micro-kini.)

The video was produced by Artec Media who are based in Miami, who also provided an original song sung by The Voice contestant Joselyn Rivera to soundtrack it all.

So just how much does something like this cost? Elite Daily asked a New York ad agency to cost it up. They reckon between $200,000 to $400,000 depending on whether they had to hire some of the locations, like the boats, etc.

It's out of control. Someone needs to create a "sweded" version of this video to balance things out a bit.


You have to wonder that with all these extra lifestyle pursuits on offer how on earth do the students find any time at all to actually study?


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