Expensive Fails—A Compilation Of People (And A Cat) Destroying Various Valuable Objects

Nobody likes seeing a possession accidentally broken or destroyed, but that's magnified no end when said possession is an expensive one. Heck, even seeing someone else's expensive things get destroyed is enough to make anyone wince with empathy.

Take, for example, this video compilation put together by Fail Army that features all kinds of valuable objects from pricey sports cars to laptops to boats, video cameras, motorcycles, and, yep, more cars getting totally totalled.

Even though the people who own these are complete strangers, and often you don't even get to see them, you feel their pain. Their horror at the realization that their flatscreen TV has been rendered useless and broken. Or a prized yellow sports car goes up in flames.

Some of them are, no doubt, the owner's fault, but it still doesn't make it any better. Plus, sometimes accidents just happen. And sometimes that means your stuff has to suffer because of it.

If you're on the receiving end of such bad luck, you need to remember that it's only a material possession. Then go check your insurance policy and if you're not covered or it can't be replaced. Then it's time to fume and cry and vent.


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