FAIL OF THE YEAR: Steve Harvey Announces The Wrong Miss Universe Winner, Awkwardness Ensues

Oh. Man. Steve Harvey messed up real big when announcing the winner for Miss Universe recently. Instead of announcing the actual winner he declared Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutiérrez Arévalo, as Miss Universe, but she was actually the runner up. The real winner was Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Miss Philippines.

To make the gaffe even more cringe-inducing, after announcing the wrong winner Steve walks off stage and Miss Colombia is left there to soak up the glory thinking she's won while the crowd cheers. Only after a couple of minutes go by does Steve shuffle back on stage, no doubt dreading every minute, to correct things.

"OK folks, uh.” he says, dying a little inside “There's...I have to apologize." You can sense his need to crawl into a ball and roll away forever, never for the incident to be spoken of again.

Once he announces the real winner the crowd, even Miss Philipines, can't quite believe him (there are boos, jeers), and he has to show the card and repeat that it was his gaffe only, his mistake, in case people suspect skullduggery behind the scenes. "Still a great night." he says, not quite sounding convincing.

Of course the incident was in no way to be forgotten either. In a world of Twitter and instant reactions and memes, people reacted. And meme'd. Steve even took to social media to apologise.

He'll be cringing internally for days after this, you just know it.

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