Anti-Violence Campaign Sets Up Fake Gun Store In NYC Selling Weapons Used In Mass Shootings

Would you buy a gun used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting? That's the kind of question these potential gun-buyers were forced to confront when they visited what looked like a new gun store opening on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in New York City.

But it was all part of an anti-gun campaign by States United to Prevent Gun Violence. The social experiment involved opening a fake store and populating it with guns with a history—weapons that were used in mass killings or harrowing accidental shootings.

As customers walked into the store their reactions to the realisation that the guns had a tragic past were caught on hidden camera. It's a hard-hitting video, but a powerful reminder of the destructiveness that can come with gun ownership.

It certainly gets the message across that 'guns don't kill people, people kill people' - But these particular people used these guns for that purpose. What makes everything a little more surreal and disturbing is that the cashier in the gun shop is also the voice of Michael in GTA V.


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