Family Say Michael Brown Autopsy Shows He Was Trying To Surrender

Michael Brown's family released the results of a private autopsy on Monday which they say shows he was trying to surrender. The Guardian reports that it details how Brown was shot at least six times and was killed by a bullet that entered through the top of his head travelling "back to front." The family's lawyer argues this shows he was shot while his head was bowed.

Police claim Brown assaulted the officer who shot him (after Brown was stopped for jaywalking) but the autopsy showed there were no signs of a struggle. The doctor who carried out the autopsy said that no conclusions can really be drawn from just the forensic evidence.

Ferguson saw another night of unrest last night with 31 arrests, even though the Missouri National Guard were sent in to help control the chaos. The situation has been so bad Amnesty International has sent in observers, the first time it's ever deployed a human rights team in the USA.

And frustration is growing—even a Missouri state senator, Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, lost her cool after being tear gassed for three days. Tweeting the below at Governor Jay Nixon.

In other news relating to the fatal shooting, the store owner of the place Brown was alleged to have robbed has said no one from his store called the police, claiming instead the call must've come from a customer, which contradicts what the police have said. See video below.

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