Dream Job: Farm Is Looking For People To Cuddle Baby Goats To Keep Them Warm In Winter

If you're looking to occupy your time, more specifically if you're looking to occupy your time cuddling baby animals then you may be the perfect candidate for a farm in Esmont, Virginia. Caromont Farm is looking for volunteers to curl up with its baby goats.

The farm is home to 120 goats whose milk goes in to making cheeses. Kidding season is coming and the farm is expecting 90 baby goats, so it reached out for people to help.

These people would need to bottle feed the infants, clean the equipment and pens, and keep the herd dry and warm.

That last one is what's got everyone so excited, because it involves snuggling up next to baby goats so they can utilize your body warmth. To keep them extra warm, and no doubt to ensure cuddling is at maximum cuteness, they even wear knitted sweaters.

There is bad news, however. After news of the goat-cuddling spread online like wildfire all the slots which could be booked using an online form and took place between February and March, have gone. GONE!

*Sad face* But, the farm are thinking about possibly adding more slots due to popular demand.



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