Ever Been Illegally Turned Away By A Taxi? Happens To Guide Dog Owners With Shocking Regularity

A new campaign is raising awareness of the difficulty that blind people and their guide dogs can face when attempting to ride in taxis, cabs, even go in shops and restaurants.

The video, made by charity Guide Dogs and London agency Don't Panic, sees the guide dog being played by a human, and focuses on the dog and his owner attempting to get in a cab but meeting difficulty. It takes a comical tone but the message is serious.

"Even though it’s obviously a serious topic, taking a comedic route to the video helps create cut-through and make the important message stick." Joe Wade, MD, Don’t Panic said. "I hope the film will go someway to ending the unfair discrimination guide dog owners face everyday.”

It wonders how we all might feel if we faced this type of discrimination when hauling a cab.

“Imagine you were turned away by a taxi or mincab driver." said James White senior campaigns manager at the charity Guide Dogs. "This happens to people living with sight loss with shocking regularity just because they are accompanied by a guide dog. It’s not only illegal, it knocks people’s confidence and stops them doing the everyday things that most people take for granted.”

The charity are asking for tougher measures for taxi drivers who flout the laws. Currently drivers who refuse can be fined up to £1,000 or have their licence revoked, but research by Guide Dogs shows that actual prosecutions are rare and the fines are low, as little as £50 to £100.

The video wants to end this sort of discrimination by bringing in stricter laws, ensuring that everyone can #Accessallareas.


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