40+ FML App Everyday Struggles That Show The World Can Really Suck Sometimes

We all have those FML app moments when everything seems to be going wrong and you feel like having a Michael Douglas in Falling Down moment. Where you just want to clench your fists, wave them in the air and scream 'WHY!' For those of you who have never used it the FML app for your smartphone has been around for about 10 years and is the place you go when you need to share your daily mishaps and embarrassments.

And it's those sort of moments where the age old internet expression FML is used thats where the FML app comes in handy. An acronym for F*ck My Life it's a way to sum up a bad day, share your misfortune with other people (it's always better out than in), while also acknowledging that, yes, other people too suffer the horrors of life sucking big time. It's reassuring that someneone, somewhere, is having a much worse day then you are.

And if there's one thing that's going to make your own FML moments feel better, it's a bit of schadenfreude. AKA reading other people's FML app moments which is, after all, one of the reasons that people share their bad days. Things like, "Today, while crossing the street, I was honked at by a stopped car. I responded with the following: a finger and a 'Fuck you!' It was my boss who just wanted to say hi. FML." Little things like that.

Pretty Much Everyone Has A FML Story To Tell

FML app Feature.

So other people having perhaps not quite as bad a day as them, can read about someone having a worse day, and get some satisfaction that at least their life doesn't suck as much as some poor other soul. Especially when other people have to deal with stuff like "Today, my girlfriend and I slept naked after a great night together. I awoke to a sharp pain in my penis and found our cat trying a new scratching post. FML."

Which means right at the bottom of the FML app pile is someone having a really, really terrible time. So, before we go on, let's just all take a moment to consider them and wish them our very best. Ok, that''s enough.

OK? Good. Now back to cheering yourself up with some FML app moments from people having a crappier day than you. And if you fancy trying out the FML app then download it here for Android and here for IOS.

And make sure you check out some of the best FML moments below.

Some Of The Best FML Moments On The FML App

fml app 01.
fml app 02.
fml app 03.
fml app 04.
fml app 06.
fml app 07.
schadenfreude 01.
schadenfreude 02.
schadenfreude 03.
schadenfreude 04.
schadenfreude 05.
fuck my life 01.
fuck my life 02.
fuck my life 03.
fuck my life 04.
fuck my life 05.
fuck my life 06.
fuck my life 07.
fuck my life 08.
fuck my life 09.
fuck my life 10.
suck 01.
suck 02.
suck 03.
suck 04.
suck 05.
suck 06.
suck 07.
suck 08.
suck 09.
suck 10.
suck 11.
suck 12.
suck 13.

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