Here's All The Funny, Strange, And Annoying Things Your Parents Said To You As A Child

If you're a parent with a young child you'll probably find yourself saying these things all day every day. And for the non-parents, you'll be familiar with most of these from your own childhood. But lets be honest, now you are all grown up, it's still pretty weird to hear.

In Poo-Poo Parents Say Tripp and Tyler, who have previously shown how strange it would be if adults acted like toddlers, run through all the strange and annoying things parents say to their kids.

Mostly they're to stop them from misbehaving or eating something they shouldn't, or hurting themselves or doing something that will involve the parent having to clean up.

They're the sort of phrases that, as a kid, you make a pact with yourself to never use when you grow up and have children of your own. EVER.

And then you become a parent and you find yourself saying them anyway, even though they make the younger you cringe and make you hate yourself for doing it.

Still, you shouldn't have spoken to your mother like that in the first place.


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