Martial Art Legend Master Ken Reveals An Amazing Alternative To Kung Fu Fighting Drills

Be careful out there. Life can be tough on the suburban sidewalks and even though you might not be a violent person, sometimes a situation arises where you might have to defend yourself. But you have to ask yourself: are you kung-fu ready?

The thing is you can be ready, it's easy. You just need to listen to Master Ken Poe and heed his words like the word of God. In this video the Master of all Masters teaches us why the Wing Chun tradition of the lap sau (circling hands) drill is utterly worthless and won't properly train you for real life, non-video game combat.

Then, after taking it apart with his expert mind he offers an alternative practice. And don't concern yourself that it might look a bit like a game five-year-olds play. Sometimes deathly combat moves have the appearance of harmless kids' games. Any martial artist worth their salt-in-the-wounds knows that.

[UPDATE] But hang on, Master Ken is not done with you yet. He's just released his latest instructional video on how to do the flaccid reflux bear hug. An essential addition to any martial artist's fighting repertoire.

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