The Only Guide To Men Any Woman Will Ever Need Is The 'Hot Emotional Unavailability Matrix'

Remember the dating matrix video that told guys everything they needed to know about finding the right woman? It charted the hot-crazy line on a graph and the various zones that crop up around it and what to avoid, with tongue firmly in cheek.

Well, now a female version has hit the web and it's called the "Hot Emotional Unavailability Matrix (A Woman's Guide to Men)" and it details the "no-go" area, the "fun zone" and the "date zone" among others.

One zone to outride avoid is the handily titled "danger zone", a place populated by guys with two first names who are addicted to online porn. So, if you're looking for your next date make sure to check out this chart before you start trading numbers.


H/T - Uproxx

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