Follow Tyrion Lannister’s Emotional Transformation In This Game Of Thrones Supercut

In Game of Thrones one of the most complicated characters on the show--and lets face it, the show is full of them--has to be Tyrion Lannister. His journey in the series has been from cynic to believer.

While he's always had a heart, he's gone from caring about nothing but drinking and whoring to caring about his country, it's future and the people that live there.

His story has also been a tragic one *spoilers coming* because after being accused by his sister Cersei of murdering the king and her son, Joffrey, and then actually killing his own father, he was an outcast and a wanted man. So he fled his home town, King's Landing, and wandered alone until he was kidnapped.

But then he met Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, and his life changed and started to get better. Now, at the end of season six, he's hand of the queen and is on his way back to King's Landing, but a very different man.

David Garuchara from YouTube channel The Garo Studios shows Tyrion’s emotional six-season story arc in just three and a half minutes—from hated imp to Daenerys right hand man.

Check it out above. It's an epic and an extremely heartfelt (if that is possible?) journey.

And below is a supercut The Garo Studios did previously, which shows Jon Snow's equally epic journey through the series, from Ned Stark's bastard to King in the North.

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