Beat This - Four Street Performers Show Off Their Amazing Synchronized Precision Drumming

If you don't play drums then you probably think that it is easily the simplest musical instrument to master if ever you wanted to get into a band or impress your friends. Wrong.

If you don't believe me then i suggest you check out the movie Whiplash, it'll put the idea out of your head forever. That is unless of course you have a passion and love for playing drums.

As a mark of just how good these four guys are at drumming, they manage to knock together a great rhythm using nothing but some turned over plastic containers. And drum sticks, of course.

And they manage to sync together their drumming patterns like a bunch of total bosses.

It took place after the Minnesota Vikings beat the New York Jets in a game last year. Plus, to add to their boss-like playing, it was snowing too but that didn't deter these guys from entertaining the masses after the match.

Just think, if this is how great they sound on makeshift drums, just imagine how badass they'd be on actual quality snares. Let's hope they get some for for next Christmas.


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