Some Strange Things Will Happen In Your Mind When You Witness Cats Barfing to Techno

Lets face it, cats and techno does not sound like a perfect match, especially when it is based around forlorn felines regurgitating the fruits of their labors (hairballs) for your viewing pleasure, because, lets face it, they always seem to do it in the presence of humans, as any cat owner will tell you.

First you will feel sorry for these Cats and then you will start to smile and tap your feet as the beat kicks in.

It's a hypnotic combination.

Cats and hairballs, it's a deadly combination that will totally ruin your new rug, bedspread, sofa, and more often than not be performed in your near vicinity as you’re trying to eat your dinner. It's a certainty.

Even though we love them we all wish that they'd do stuff like that outside and not be witness to their strange ritual (and have to clean it up afterwards). But as all owners know, that will never happen.

But maybe we’ve been doing it wrong all along, maybe we should’ve been playing some techno beats along with their hacking and turn the whole thing into a banging tune.

Hairball chucking never sounded so good.


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