Australian Musicians Collaborate With Pizza Delivery Guy To Make An Amazing Dance Floor Filler

When Australian music duo Mashd N Kutcher ordered a pizza they put a rather unusual request in the 'Delivery Instructions' section—instead of putting in something like "The doorbell's broken" they asked: "COLLAB BRO???"

Then when pizza man turns up they get him to speak into a mike (one, two, three, JUMP!) before getting him to tinker out a little tune on their keyboard. Then they set to work on turning his contributions into a dance floor banger.

And they succeed. Before you know it you'll have your hands in the air waving them around like, you know, you just don't care.

The pair seem to be quite fond of making music from unusual samples, prior to their pizza collab they made a tune by sampling the inflight safety announcement. OI OI!

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