22 Funny Parenting Pictures Reveal The Reality (The Joy, Pain & Mess) Of Being A Mom & Dad

When it comes to funny parenting the term itself can be very misleading indeed. If you read certain parenting blogs or looked at photos on certain parent's social media feeds, you'd think funny parenting was all smiling children eating healthy food, making funny faces, doing funny things and being best friends with the family pet.

Which i guess is what anyone who isn't a parent expects life with kids is like. They think they know.

But alas it so isn't. The reality behind parenting is far different to the reality you see on social media. If people posted the whole truth, you'd get pictures of epic tantrums happening everywhere from the playground to the toy store and parents sharing stories while sitting in the park swapping horrific stories about the harsh pains of being a mom or dad. For them, what constitutes funny parenting pictures holds a much darker and sinister tone.

Funny parenting pictures indeed.

Pictures of such incredible untidiness it could only have been carried out by a child. Or food/sick/poo smeared across faces, hands, tables, walls. You'd get pictures of mess, of parents sleeping any way and time they can.

You'd get pictures like the ones below, basically.

So if you're thinking of having kids, just remember that as well as all those smiling pics of joy, there's also the messy reality when parents fail. Which is hilarious to see, but only if it's other people's kids of course.

Never forget. Kids are for life, not just for Christmas. And funny parenting isn't funny if you are a mom or dad.

These Funny Parenting Pictures Reveal The Reality

Funny Parenting Pictures 01.
complete parent fail 01.
Funny Parenting Pictures 02.
complete parent fail 02.
Funny Parenting Pictures 03.
complete parent fail 03.
Funny Parenting Pictures 04.
complete parent fail 04.
Funny Parenting Pictures 05.
complete parent fail 05.
Funny Parenting Pictures 06.
complete parent fail 06.
Funny Parenting Pictures 07.
complete parent fail 07.
Funny Parenting Pictures 08.
complete parent fail 08.
Hilarious Parenting Pictures 09.
complete parent fail 09.
Hilarious Kids Pictures 10.
complete parent fail 10.
Hilarious Kids Pictures 11.
complete parent fail 11.
Hilarious Kids Pictures 12.
complete parent fail 12.
Hilarious Kids Pictures 13.

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