Kids Try To Dress Themselves Tor The First Time And The Results Are As Adorable As You'd Expect

If you have young kids or whether you've just experienced the joy sheer horror of having to get them dressed, you'll know it can be a prolonged and arduous task, one that always seems to take even longer if you are trying to get them ready for school, or any other social event where being ready on time is critical.

It's a task that every parent secretly thinks would be so much damn easier, if they could just dress themselves.

But this video from Cut.com shows why that just isn't at all practical.

Titled "Kids Try to Dress Themselves for the First Time" it shows exactly that and the results are predictably cute, as the kids are presented with a rail of clothes from which they can choose what to wear.

Such freedom of choice is their undoing however, because while actually putting the clothes on their bodies isn't such a challenge, it's the choice of garments and where they put them that presents the problems.

Shorts get put over heads ("Innovative."), boys put on girl's swimsuits, and basically it's one big dress up session. Which looks like great big adorable fun, but imagine this type of situation happening with more temper tantrums and a clock ticking and that's what it's like dressing kids for school or kindergarten in the morning.

No one's laughing then.


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