'Game Of Thrones' Meets Black Sabbath's 'War Pigs' In This Perfect Pairing Of Heavy Metal And Fantasy

Game of Thrones is a lot of things. And one of those things is violent. The finale for season six was full of characters meeting their demise in gruesome and bloody ways. The episode before that was the bloody "Battle of the Bastards" which had dead bodies piled up higher than a horse.

So, yeah, it likes its violence and it likes its war, because that's what the Seven Kingdoms are all about. So it seems fitting that footage from the fantasy show gets cut together with Black Sabbath's hit "War Pigs" in this mashup by YouTuber Zurik 23M.

The song's heavy metal stylings fit perfectly with the visuals of death, violence, fire-breathing dragons, and general carnage that Zurik 23M has picked out and matched expertly with the lyrics.

Lyrics like "Generals gathered in their masses / just like witches at black masses / Evil minds that plot destruction / sorcerer of death's construction." which seem like they could have been written entirely to suit the characters and settings of the show.

Plus you could totally imagine Black Sabbath's lead singer Ozzy Osbourne drunkenly stumbling about in Westeros, ripping the meat off an animal carcass with the Free Folk, or getting wasted at a banquet in Winterfell.

I'd suggest playing this on continuous loop until season 7 starts in spring of 2017. Sigh.


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