'Game Of Thrones' Remix - Get Ready For The New Season With This Autotuned Awesomeness

If you were looking for a Game of Thrones season two recap done in the style of an autotuned song, then musician John D. Boswel (aka MelodySheep) has got your back.

In time for the arrival of season five due on HBO April 12th, this remix called Save Our Sons starts with Jon Snow and Ygritte out in the wilderness ("You know nothing, Jon Snow"). Then we see Theon rallying the troops before he went all Reek, before moving in to Sansa singing "Gentle Mother, Font of Mercy" to calm the noblewomen of King's Landing who are sheltering in the Red Keep during the Battle of Blackwater.

It makes for addictive listening. In the YouTube description Boswel calls the video "A song of war and freedom in three parts." This is part two, you can check out part one below.

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