Did George Lucas Predict The Rise Of Donald Trump In The Form Of Darth Sidious?

While most of us all thought the Star Wars prequels were just a load of old garbage that left a bad stain on our childhood memories of the originals until Star Wars: A New Hope 2.0 (aka The Force Awakens) came along and rescued the franchise, we were all sadly wrong. It seems there was something mach darker transpiring.

It seems we weren't reading the subtext and missed all the subliminal messages that George Lucas was putting in front of our eyes. What those prequels actually were, were guarded warnings about the rise to power of Donald Trump as represented by Emperor Palpatine. "So this how liberty dies," bemoans Natalie Portman's Padmé Amidala as Sheev Palpatine manipulates democracy to become Emperor, "With thunderous applause."

And that parrallel is made as explicit as it possibly can be in this mashup by filmmaker Anthony Parisi when he cuts in footage of Trump (Donald J. Palpatine) at the Republican National Convention last year, with scenes from Revenge of the Sith.

Although this video is now six months old, it's even more relevant now than ever, now that Trump isn't just a presidential hopeful, but the new US president. How could we have missed all these warning signs?

If Lucas' warning is correct, next Trump will start a clone war (civil war?), destroy the Jedi order (read democrats), and transform the American republic into an evil Empire.

If Trump starts wearing a hooded black cloak too, we should all be very concerned.


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