Get Ready To Totally Lose Your Appetite Forever After Watching Some Nose Packing Removal

Life can be confusing sometimes when it comes to what you experience, some things are best left to the imagination, some things need to be seen---and some things should be locked away forever, never to be uploaded to YouTube and certainly, under NO circumstances whatsoever watched.

This my friends is one of those things, that once seen, can never be unseen.

OK, so get yourself nice and comfortable because your gag reflex is going to get a good old workout watching this gross-out fest. The story goes that this guy had some surgery on his nose and then went back to the ENT (otolaryngologist) to get it cleaned out and decided to film it and make us all puke.

The result is akin to the classic scene in Total Recall when Arnie removes a tracking bug through his nose

So make sure you’re eating a big breakfast today and all your work colleagues are gathered round you eating their’s too when they are watching this with you. They'll thank you for it. Honest.


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