Woman Signs Boyfriend's Private Parts Before He Leaves The House To Stop Him Cheating

No matter how insecure you think you might be about your boyfriend, you’re nowhere near as insecure as this woman. Her name is Jeanie and to ensure her man doesn't cheat on her when he goes out she's taken to signing his manhood with her name.

"Wait, what?" is the only real response to that, but yep that's what she does, which she revealed on Steve Harvey's daytime TV show. The reasoning behind signing it with a sharpie is, when he comes home she checks the signature and if it doesn't match up then she knows he's been cheating.

Knowing deep down within herself that this might be a bit strange, Jeanie went on Steve Harvey's show to ask him and the show's psychologists "Is it weird to sign his private parts?" Naturally they think yes, it's super weird to do that.


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