"Hodor in Da House" Is An Amazing EDM Remix Of The "Game of Thrones" Theme

Any Game of Thrones fan will find themselves occasionally typing, whispering, muttering or shouting the name “Hodor.” Especially if there are other GoT fans present. You can have entire conversations just by saying Hodor with different inflections. Hodor? Hodor! Hodor.

Anyway, you know who you are. And to celebrate the mono-vocabulary of this grizzly-bear killing, neck-snapping, slow-witted legend, video remix maestros Eclectic Method and Spanish artists Hungry Castle have created an amazingly amazing electro-dance remix of the Games of Thrones theme called “Hodor in Da House.”

So now you can throw your hands in the air while screaming “HODOOOOOR!”

Valar Hodoris.


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And now for the truth about Kristian Nairn, aka Hodor:

If you live in Australia you are in for a BIG treat! Nairn was a DJ at the Kremlin club in Belfast, Ireland for more than a decade before he scored a part in Game of Thrones — you can watch some of his highlights above. Now he’s found a way to combine his two careers. At the upcoming events in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Darwin and Adelaide, Thrones-themed costumes are “compulsory”.

“Hodor’s dedication to carrying Bran on his back has become legend, but what is less well known is how much he enjoys carrying the party vibes long into the night,” reads a press release issued by the Rave of Thrones tour.

“For one night only in every capital across this land (Australia), venues will be transformed into the finest halls of Westeros, wherein patrons will be (enforced by the Hand of the King) dressed to the occasion in a manner that would befit Queen Cersei herself.”

Every capital in the land? Not quite. Sorry, Hobart and Canberra.


The full extent of Nairn’s popularity is mind-boggling. When the Game of Thrones Exhibition came to Sydney last month, fans lined up for hours to catch a quick glimpse of the man’s pants.

“I never thought I’d see the day that my smelly old slacks would attract visitors,” he told news.com.au at the time. “That costume hasn’t been washed in four seasons.”

Despite his character’s rather limited vocabulary — Hodor can only say his own name — Nairn reckons he will play a prominent role in the coming seasons.

“I do feel like he’s kind of a super character. He’s there for a reason. He’s kind of too present throughout the storyline to just have no purpose,” the Northern Irish actor said.

“Of course, knowing (author George R.R. Martin), I’ll just be found dead down the road. You can buy him drinks, you can buy him presents, but he won’t tell me.”

Whatever Martin has planned, Hodor lives on for now. And you have a rare chance to dance alongside him.


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