Girlfriend Gets Her Sweet Revenge With A Totally Extreme Birthday Surprise Butt Waxing Prank

Nothing says I love you like pranking your boyfriend with an unexpected butt wax. Boyfriend and girlfriend Erik Meldik and Čeněk Stýblo from the Czech Republic like to outdo each other with pranks and this is one of their more extreme and hilarious examples of showing their love for each other.

It was recently Erik's birthday so Čeněk decided to surprise him when he got out of the shower. Firstly she tricks him into wearing a blindfold and then gets him to sit down on a chair, naked, while he awaits his surprise.

Unfortunately the surprise is that Čeněk has placed waxing strips on the chair. Uh-ouch. So then poor Erik has to try and get up without causing himself too much pain and too much butt hurt.

His reaction looks like he's genuinely suffering. And, of course, that's what makes this so hilarious.

Somehow it makes you wonder how a relationship like this survives if the only physical attention they show each other is pain. You kinda feel sorry for the poor boyfriend after wathing this.

But never forget. Revenge is sweet.

If you were wondering what the aftermath of this cruel prank was, watch the video below.

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