Sleeping Toothpaste Art Is A Total Masterpiece Of Hilarious Expressionist Brushing Techniques

Just when you think that pranking passed out people had reached a creative plateau, along comes something new to show you that, no, it's nowhere near reached its limits yet.

And you'll see as much from the artistic finesse on display by this supreme prankster who, somewhat creepily, has access to quite a lot of sleeping people and a whole load of toothpaste.

But with those those things in bountiful supply they exercise their creativity by drawing moustaches, flowers, Superman symbols, even an entire guitar on some slumbered bodies.

Add to that some melodic soothing music that creates the atmosphere for an event such as this and you know you are onto a winner. It's the perfect combination of too much alcohol, the need for sleep and creative friends with evil ideas. Total genius.

And lets face it, when you're totally drunk you don't really care what goes on once you are asleep. A warm cozy bed is pretty much everything that counts.

The plus side is, sure they will wake up with dry, crusty toothpaste splattered all over their face, but at least they'll smell minty fresh.


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