Groupon Water Cooler Moment: Just A Dinosaur Casually Walking Around The Office—No Biggie

If an elevator door opened up and roaring back at you was a velociraptor, chances are you'd regress back to a child and start calling for your mom. That's what happened (the the middle-part at least) to these poor office workers when an escaped dinosaur who travelled forward in time millions of years ran rampage through Chicago.

Well, not exactly. Rather this was a stunt that took place at Groupon's Chicago office and it's not a velociraptor as the title of the video states, but a baby T-rex. So, yeah, let's not get those two confused or you might upset a paleontologist.

The stunt actually took place back in May and saw an actor dress up in a very cool costume, a costume that also does scary dino-noises, to run amok around the office and put anyone off doing any actual work.

But if you really want to terrify the crap out of people in an office while dressed as dinosaur then look no further than, who else, the Japanese for a masterclass. See below.

And another one....go on, watch it, you know you want to.

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