Girlfriend's 'Sex In A Car' Cheating Prank Backfires, Boyfriend Responds With Pure Rage (Of Course)

You can't imagine why on earth this girlfriend's cheating prank on her boyfriend to pretend she was having sex in a car with someone else would backfire. I'm being sarcastic there if you didn't realise, because of course it's going to end badly. i mean, in what alternate universe is there a scenario where everyone sees the funny side?

The video was actually posted by the prankee to his YouTube page DerekDeso so he must've recovered from the ordeal. An ordeal that saw his girlfriend Lynette, and his best buddy Ness (i wonder if he still has 'best buddy' status?), come up with the oh-so-hilarious cheating prank idea to fake having sex in the front seat of Derek's car.

The faking involves them waiting outside the house for him to come home from work, rocking the car and making sounds like they're indulging in some horizontal gymnastics. So when the boyfriend comes along, of course he's curious. But that soon turns to furious when he suspects they've been getting it on.

When The Girfriend Cheating Prank backfires

Girlfriend's Sex In A Car Cheating Prank Totally Backfires

And, like anyone would in this situation, he demands to know what's going on. When they explain it's all just a hilarious prank that has spiraled out of hand, he's still not pleased, "we were just listening to music bro", Ness pleads. So he walks off angry and fuming looking like he's going to find something to punch a hole on..

At the end of it, Lynette is left shaken, Ness nearly got beaten shitless, and hopefully valuable lessons have been learned. Probably not as there's a lot of stiuations like this where Girlfriend Cheating pranks go bad.

To their credit Derek does pranks all the time, constantly pranking his girlfriend so they thought they'd get him back. But that was obviously a terrible mistake.

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