Good News All You Old Skool Music Lovers, There's A Netflix For Vinyl On The Way

If you're one of those people who laments the switch to virtual music formats and longs for the days when you could covet a shiny piece of vinyl to listen to your favorite band, this news may reach you with some excitement.

VNYL is a new service for lovers of vinyl who miss that experience of walking into a record store where the clerk knew you and your musical tastes, and would pass you a stack of wax to wade through.

This is recreating that but without the need for you to leave home. It's billing itself as "the Netflix of vinyl" and works by members picking various "#vibes" to subscribe to. Depending on what you pick the company will then send you three albums at a time for a monthly fee.

You then keep the ones you like (each record costs around $12) and send back the ones you don't. Once they receive them they'll send you out a new batch.

From their Kickstarter:

We ask you what "vibes" you’re into — maybe it’s for a #dinnerparty, #gamenight, or just a cozy #rainyday. Then we hand-curate 3 LPs and ship them your way. Humans at the helm. No algorithms or maxing out your data plan. Just creating the easiest way for you to find great stuff to listen to without having to spend hours bin diving at your local record store.


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