#NewHarryPotterBooks Hashtag Game Confused And Disappointed A Lot Of Harry Potter Fans

Twitter hashtag games happen all the time—and mostly they don't end up aggravating an entire fanbase. But that isn't the case with what happened when #NewHarryPotterBooks began to trend on twitter.

It was all fairly innocent enough, the idea was for people to come up with comedy titles for fake Harry Potter novels and post their efforts to twitter using said hashtag.

But Harry Potter fans started to get confused when they saw #NewHarryPotterBooks come up in the trending panel, mistakenly believing, and desperately hoping, that a new Harry Potter book was coming out.

But it wasn't. And when their hopes were dashed and they realised there was no such thing, they let the internet know their ire and disappointment below.

But fear not Potter fans, after searching around the internet and a few emails later to those in the know we have some exclusive and very exciting news about the New Harry Potter novel here.

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