Epic GTA 5 'Star Wars' Mods Put You In Control Of Landspeeder, TIE Fighter, Even A Star Destroyer

Grand Theft Auto V is a game that just keeps on giving thanks in no part to the endless PC mods that are being created and the latest from a galaxy far, far away (kind of) brings Star Wars ships and vehicles to Los Santos.

The mod game definitely has been upped with this addition, at least if you happen to be a GTA playing Star Wars fan. Two YouTube gamers TwoDynamic and NoahJ456 recently showcased some pretty fly mods that put you in control of various ships from the iconic Star Wars universe.

Just watching them plow through Los Santos on the X34 Landspeeder and launching off ramps is enough to get any fan hyped.

But it doesn't end there, in fact it just keeps getting bigger and better, you can also pilot a TIE Fighter, an X-Wing, a speeder bike, even a massive Star Destroyer, looming large in the skies above San Andreas.

It's pretty much. Best. Mod. Ever. And causing chaos across the streets and environs of GTA in such iconic vehicles is the kind of activity that could see you willingly, and gladly, lose hours, heck days, of your life.

Instructions on how you download the mods are available in the video's description (above). But please be warned, mods like this have been used to distribute malware in the past, so you should always be careful.

So if you are an adult make sure you have a small kid around to show you what to do and what to look out for.


Check out the vids below.

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