Guy Creates His Own Star Wars Speeder Bike Toy Which Can Actually Fly

If you were a kid when you first saw Return of the Jedi, you've probably always wanted you own 74-Z Speeder Bike toy that actually flies. Skip forward a few decades and it's—FINALLY!— arrived.

Adam Woodworth created the drone-like vehicle by modifying a Hasbro toy of the speeder bike so he could attach it to a quad rotor and fly it by remote control. And make a million Star Wars nerds drool.

As if that wasn't awesome enough he then went one step further and put a camera in the helmet of the scout trooper that sits atop. Which means you can see the POV footage of the speeding custom toy and pretend that, yes, you actually are having a speeder bike chase through the forests of Endor.


Woodworth even gives details on how you can build one yourself so you too can "modify an off-the-shelf Star Wars toy to fly like you've always dreamed of." Although it would be much better if Disney just released this as a toy, because that seems like far too much work.

Woodworth should think about entering it into this drone racing competition too, which takes place in France. It even takes place in woods. #saynomore.


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