Super Cute Canine Christmas Cards: Guy Dresses Up His Dog As Different Animals

Canine Christmas Cards, now there's a great idea for a festive twist. Christmas is always a time of sharing the joy with friends and family and celebrating birth of baby Jeebus, but to make it that little bit more 'special' it's a lovely gesture to try and personalize the season's greetings.

Every holiday season photographer Peter Thorpe from Bristol, UK treats his clients to his dogs dressed up as various animals for some very entertaining (and cute) Canine Christmas Cards. Thorpe has been making these brilliant and very funny doggo-themed Canine Christmas cards for the past 20 years.

Not only are the dogs dressed up as a donkey or a penguin, or Scrooge, but Thorpe goes one step further and creates entire scenes—physically built sets and props.

There's no photoshop trickery to be seen anywhere for him, just a willing doggo model who is happy for Peter to let him be photographed in. I hope he gets paid handsomely for his troubles in doggie-treats?

Check out some of the photos for Canine Christmas Cards below and visit Thorpe's blog for more.

'little nipper'
Canine Christmas Cards 01.
Canine Christmas Cards 02.
Canine Christmas Cards 03.
Bouncers 1993
Cameldog 2006
Choirboy 2001
Dog Roast 2009
Fairy 2000
Pigdog 1994
Rudolph 1990
Sheep dog 2010
Dogkey 2007
Lights camera action 1999

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