Guy's Parents Buried The Family Cat Thinking It Had Died--But It Reappeared Moments Later

Well, this is certainly a very bizarre story and it comes courtesy of New York-based comedy writer Eric Schmidt who posted the strange and very creepy tale to twitter. It has more than a passing resemblance to the cult horror film Pet Cemetery. if you've seen that film then you know what's coming next.

In involves a seven-year-old calico cat called Kitty which belongs to Eric's family. He received a group text from his dad to himself and his sister saying that, after Kitty had been missing for a few days Eric's mom had unfortunately found it near the house, lying dead.

At least, she thought it was Kitty.

So they buried it in the garden (complete with a sweet burial service), but then a little while later it reappeared in the house. Back from the dead? Zombie cat? No, it was something much more hilarious.

You can read the full saga below, as Eric posted screengrabs of the text messages and the unfolding drama to Twitter. Make sure you stay with it till the end.

And try not to hurt yourself laughing when you find out what actually happened.


Oh. dear.

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