Guy Passed Out At Party Of The Century Finally Wakes Up And Gives Amazing Interview

You no doubt remember the hero-to-us-all that was 20-year-old Michigan raver James Taylor, who threw the biggest party West Michigan had ever seen and whose guest list included 2000 ravers, the police, ambulances and the local news.

You may also recall one of the best bits of the news piece, which was when the camera did a quick pan mid-interview to a guy passed out on the floor. Let me jog your memory with a GIF.


Yeah, that guy. Well, after the internet lost its collective sh*t over him, he was tracked down by Vocativ and they interviewed him. He goes by the name of Ray Hulin, but you can call him Ratchet the rapper. It turns out when he awoke after his legendary rest he'd lost his phone, naturally. And he also wasn't too happy how the whole news piece dented his rep as party animal.

“They made it look like I don’t know how to handle my sh*t. I’ve been way more f*cked up before and was able to keep my composure.” he tells Vocativ. Don't worry dude, it happens to the best of us every now and again.

Plus, he also says in the interview he'd partied for 20 hours straight, so a man needs a lie down at some point. “I know how to handle a party, dude. And I feel like I handled this one party well.” You did, bro. You did.

As well as speaking with Vocativ he also did an amazing interview with Fox News. In a piece of incredible reporting that should surely win a Pulitzer, Ratchet reenacts his legendary passing out for the cameras. Watch this total baller, below.

via Vocativ, Fox17Online

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