'Nobody's Worthy To Lift Mjolnir' - Guy Pranks People With Magnetic Thor's Hammer Only He Can Lift

In the Avengers movies, and the Marvel comics, only The Mighty Thor is able to lift his hammer Mjolnir (better known as Thor's Hammer). But you couldn't replica something similar in real life, could you? The answer is yes, if you're electrical engineer Allen Pan from YouTube channel Sufficiently Advanced.

Pan likes to "make pretend things into real things" so he turned his skills to creating Thor's famous hammer. So how do you make it so only Pan can lift it, but no one else? By using an electromagnet from an old microwave and a fingerprint scanner, of course!

It means he's able to place it on something metallic like a manhole cover, and it generates a powerful magnetic field making it impossible to lift. By placing a thumb-print scanner on the handle that recognises only his thumb, he's then able to turn off the electromagnet by putting his hand on it.

Creating the illusion that the hammer really is unliftable. He also does a great job of making the hammer look like Mjolnir too. And the trick works like a charm.

Guys are only to happy to take up, and fail, the "Hold my beer" challenge of trying to lift it. And if you are ever confronted by a challenge to lift a Mjolnr, always remember - lift with your knees, not with your backs.


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