#DevilSign - Rob Scallon Records Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' Backwards & It's Appropriately Devilish

Rob Scallon, we salute you. The musician has done what must be a very difficult task by recording Metallica’s "Enter Sandman" backwards. But then, just to mess with our heads, he puts the video in reverse so the footage appears backwards while the song appears forwards—albeit sounding distorted and freaky.

It's a pretty damn impressive feat to accomplish and Scallon pulls it off with style, while adding some bizarre touches to the video, like spitting out a pretzel whole or pouring red liquid into an upside down bottle.

It's all suitably twisted, demonic, and baffling which even Scallon admits to, "It’s definitely the most confusing thing I’ve done so far." he says. Yup.

As one YouTube commenter said (and i can totally relate to), "This is gonna give me Twin Peaks flashbacks."

He also uploaded a forwards version of the video, which is equally weird.

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