100 People of Dance - Guy Travels Across America & Canada Doing Same Dance Routine With Strangers

Over two years ago Matt Bray began an epic project that comes to completion with this video of him travelling thousands of miles across the US and Canada to dance with a 100 different people. Some of these people were total strangers, some of them were friends and family.

All of them feature in this video titled "100 People of Dance," which is a time-lapse of what took place. Set to the song "Gone" by JR JR it shows Bray performing the same dance routine, all that changes are the locations and the people doing the moves. When time-lapsed and edited together the results look very impressive.

But as he freely admits, it wasn't easy.

"It took 2 months of filming and a month and a half was spent living out on the road driving all around the USA and Canada, I drove a little over 10,000 miles." notes Bray. "This video was a nightmare to film and edit, so hopefully people find a little enjoyment out of this bad boy."

It's the third part of a trilogy that all started with Bray filming himself doing the same dance routine in the same room for 100 days. Called "100 Days of Dance" it's currently on over seven million views.

He followed that up with doing a dance routine, solo, in 100 different places for "100 Places of Dance", where Matt performed the same dance routine in 100 different locations, it got over three million views on YouTube.

Together they form a fun little project. Check out the latest one above and see the previous two below.

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