Wrestler Randy Orton's Finishing Move's Hilariously Inserted Into Videos Of People Falling Over

Twelve-time WWE champion wrestler Randy Orton (aka The Legend Killer aka The Viper aka The Apex Predator aka we get the idea) has an iconic finishing move called RKO. Victims of this deadly technique very rarely leave the ring on 2 legs.

In recent months the internet's been going crazy for it, inserting Orton performing this vicious-looking neck slam into Vines of people falling over, creating the meme 'RKO Out Of Nowhere.'

So popular has it become that last year a Scottish soccer player, from Dundee United, celebrated a goal by using the move on his teammate (it's the second clip in the above video), which even got approval from the man himself.

After inserting the finishing move into pretty much any footage that would warrant it (i.e. anything), all these instances have now been compiled into five videos so you don't have to waste your precious time seeking out the individual Vines.

After watching them all we feel that the 'Chapter 2' video is the best of the lot, but don't take our word for it.

Have a look and enjoy chapters one, three, four and five below.

And beware, Orton could be lurking anywhere waiting to get you.

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